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I'm the CEO and co-founder of Screensaver Ninja. When I was working at Google I used to install continuous integration dashboards for teams and since I left I wanted to have something similar but without an ad-hoc script like we had at Google. At the same time I realized we didn't need big screens or projectors when we had our office full of screens on our desks already, we just needed to leverage an almost forgotten feature: the screensaver. I waited for a few years for this product to appear, I tried a few attempts but nothing could do everything I wanted to be done. Late last year I decided it was time to make this happen and we started developing this product that we just released. Screensaver Ninja allows you to display any amount of websites, think of Google Analytics, New Relic, Twitter feeds, KISSmetrics, librato, etc, for as long as you want. It has a powerful configuration tool that allows you to see the page, navigate to where you want, log in with an exclusive cookie jar that is not shared with other browsers in your computer. On top of that you can run custom CSS/JS to make menus, logos and other chrome disappear as well as zooming in and automatic scrolling the page: Another use we are exploring right now is for a Twitter wall during conferences. This is version 1.0 for Mac, we are working on the Windows counterpart and we are also starting to build the foundation for the corporate version that will have a hosted centralized configuration so you can quickly add a new web page to be shown by every computer in your company. Please, let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
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@pupeno Seems your project/website is down?
Great for offices, this allows you to easily display important analytics/stats/tweets so everyone can keep up to date with the latest metrics!
@riaface I added this to our rotation of testimonials, please, let me know if you would like me to remove it. You can see it here: (top right).
This is amazing! Thanks so much for all the support and feedback. We love hearing how you are using or planning on using Ninja at your office. As a token of appreciation, here's a 25% discount coupon for the Product Hunt community: PRODUCTHUNT. You can use this link to have it automatically applied:
Hi, there! for you interested in the tech side of this app I'd like to tell you some things about it: It's coded mainly in Swift (new Apple language) with some bits of Objective-C. It uses Apple’s WebKit with a custom cookie jar (no easy feat) so accounts logged in Screensaver Ninja can be separated from the ones in any of your browsers. It has a separate app used to configure it because Mac OS X doesn’t give you much space in the screensaver configuration dialog and Ninja needs it (look at the screenshot to get an idea) but the screensaver itself, unlike others you might find, it’s a proper native OS X screensaver. We use some third party libraries for some specific functionalities: * HockeyApp for crash reports * Paddle for selling it from the app itself * Sparkle for automatic updates The development of the 1.0 version took around 6 months. It allows customizing the web sites you show as screensaver with CSS and JavaScript, this allow you, for example, to remove menus and other pixels from the page that has the information your are interested in.
For the Windows version we are using C# and CEF Sharp for rendering. The backend for the hosted configuration will be powered by Ruby on Rails and part of the hosted configuration system might use emberjs.
Hello there! Great product; I'm interested in using this in a Higher Education setting. Does this work with sites that require logging in?
@3quarks yes, the configuration app has a built in browser that you can use to log in into web sites and then find the page you want to display. This is stored so that the screensaver uses those sessions and you are automatically logged in. These sessions are not shared with any other browser on your operating system.