A curated community of the best video freelancers

Screenr created a community of the best video freelancers from pre-production thru post so you never have an experience like we did with Todd (you lied Todd!) to vet candidates yourself, and can focus on the important things -- your video project.

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"Best video freelancers" = Those who pay the biggest commission ๐Ÿ˜‚
@erickbarron86 Hey Erick! If only it were that simple ha! We curate the list ourselves based on a combination of relevant work examples, reels, and experience/linkedin personal endorsements of previous employment.
A very useful concept for people in the film-making industry. But I do have a question. What is your criteria for selecting these video freelancers?
@grigoryanararat Kind of addressed this in the other question above, but criteria wise we look at work experience, reels, work examples, and professional profiles. That being said, it's definitely possible that someone with less work experience that has a great reel and natural talent is granted access. It's a case by case basis!
@heychristiand Thanks for the answer. Nice job.
Great landing page and it's a concept no one has tackled effectively yet. Just requested access to the Beta. Would love to see more!