Taking your Android screenshots to a whole new level

Screenple takes screenshots to a whole new level by providing powerful tools to take, manage and use your screenshots as always accessible practical notes. Features include auto crop based on sophisticated algorithms, quick reminder with one click, text recognition even for handwritten words, smart search, free cloud backup and much more.

  • Yves Junqueira
    Yves JunqueiraSRE, Google

    one-click reminders based on what's on my screen

    OCR of everything I saved so I can search for them (great for books)


    UI needs improvement :-)

    I'm an early user of the app and I use it every day several times per day. It helps me save information forever. I have saved 1400 screenshots in 6 months using Screenple.

    When I'm reading a book or a twitter thread and I find an interesting section of text, rather than using Kindle or other s highlighting functionality, I save the screen on Screenple. That has several benefits:

    1) it's now stored with all other things on the Screenple search database

    2) I can easily crop and share parts of the text

    3) I can add a reminder so I can do something about it later on.

    The reminders are very powerful and the reason I'm addicted to Screenple. It became a TODO app for me because I can create a very quick reminder no matter what context I am or what information I'm consuming.

    Yves Junqueira has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Lightweight and fast

    Easy to use

    Keeps my screenshots organized


    None that I could spot

    It is much better than the official way to save screenshots. The crop feature is awesome!

    Alex Teixeira has used this product for one month.
Hi guys, I just released my app for Android: Screenple which builds on top of screenshots enhancing them and improving the way people relates to information on their phones. I hope you like it. Thanks! Here is the full description: Screenple takes screenshots to a whole new level by providing powerful tools to take, manage and use your screenshots as always accessible practical notes. Take screenshots without interrupting your navigation flow to save that important information or funny things that you are seeing on any app. Manage and visualize the ones you collect with a fast and simple to use interface. Easily share selected parts of the screen with the simple auto-crop function or use the manual cropping to frame exactly what you want. Be more productive with the quick reminder that helps you with your commitments by giving you the information from the screen you need. Quickly and at your reach thanks to a very handy notification with the image. Copy addresses or any text directly from the saved screenshots and use the in-app search to save you time. Share images from your gallery or take pictures directly with the built-in camera function so that you can keep notes even with your printed documents. Screenple screenshots’ consume only a small amount of memory space and your collections are available to you even when the phone is in offline mode so no issues when you get off the grid and need that vital data you saved such as flying tickets, hotel reservations, travel tips, addresses, bills, and everything else you can imagine. The free cloud backup gives you the tranquility you need so that you can count on recovering your screenshots even when you replace your phone