Screenmeet 2.0

Screen share your mobile or desktop. No download to view.

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Cameron Banowsky
Cameron Banowsky@cbanowsky · hacker
15$ a month for this isn't really doing it for me. ios app a little buggy too.
ben lilienthal
ben lilienthalMaker@benlilienthal · CEO/Co-Founder of ScreenMeet
@cbanowsky Hi Cameron. We also have a $1.99 day pass. The intended audience is primarily sales and customer support folks. Where are you running into iOS issues?
John Backus
John Backus@jcbackus · Managing Partner
Brilliant idea. So much better than Webex or GoToMeeting which always make me update software before I use them.
Ari Roisman
Ari RoismanHiring@ariroisman · ceo @GlideApp, maker of @CMRA for WATCH
Elegantly simply product makes screen sharing seamless
Todd Hixon
Todd Hixon@toddhixon · Managing Partner, NAV.VC
Very useful because so many important people are mobile-first these days, Really well done, too.
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Screenmeet is now available on iOS. Screen share your iPhone or iPad to any device, instantly. It's easy for you to screen share presentations, cloud based documents, pictures or websites, and so simple for participants to join. Just send your personal ScreenMeet URL and viewers join from any device to instantly see your screen share. The ScreenMeet SDK, available for iOS and Android, lets any app embed screen sharing directly into their product.