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#5 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2015
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Hi product hunters! I'm Sami, the founder of Screenful. Nearly two years after we (gosh did it really take that long), I am happy to say that we have now officially launched our product. Our original missions was (and still is) "We're building the ultimate information radiator for agile teams" We wanted to solve one of the biggest problems in the software development industry - the lack of transparency. We've now made it available for teams using one of the tools we currently support: Trello Atlassian Jira Pivotal Tracker More integrations coming later this year (let us know which tool you'd like to see supported) I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
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I met Sami in 2013 at a hackathon in London, he had flown all the way from Finland to try some fish and chips (jk jk). When we met, he told me he was going to be working full time on a product for agile teams: a tool that would enable them to track progress (amongst other metrics) in a transparent way. I've had the fortune of getting acquainted with his tool early on. In fact one day as I walked into our office and saw some of my buddies trying to set up a rPI attached to a tv screen with HDMI, trying to get a few browser tabs rotating off Jira and Github, I couldn't do but laugh... I knew Sami was going to solve this problem very soon! I'm super stoked to see Screenful's team efforts today, featured on ProductHunt one of the coolest websites in the world!
@orliesaurus Trying fish and chips is a perfectly valid reason to fly to england :-) One of my fave features here is the trello integration. But then again I do tend to love anything that plays nicely with Trello :-)
@orliesaurus yep, we've come a long way since that hackathon. We were just slideware back then :)
@samilinnanvuo ahah exactly, also you must be one of the few finns on ProductHunt! Hope this is just the tip of the iceberg, send in the finnish technology, perkele!
@jasondainter Love me some Trello too
@orliesaurus It's true and I don't know why it's so. PH just isn't so well known here yet.
Looks very cool! Difficult to find the signup for trial link, intentional? Also no pricing found.
@tomsoderlund Thanks! Links for pricing and signup are on top of the page. Difficult to find.. really?
@samilinnanvuo Check out your page on mobile (iOS for me). Because it's hidden in the navigation bar I can see how people might have difficulty finding it. The main page call to action at the end is to sign up for a newsletter which could give the impression that the product isn't out yet. You might want to add a Sign Up for Free Trial call to action instead or See Pricing.
@seanacres Good point, haven't thought about that. On mobile it looks quite different indeed. We'll have to work on the mobile experience. Thanks for pointing it out!
I've often been in product management situations where I've been trying to steer our product whilst managing various stakeholders, designers, developers, etc. One big pain point in doing this is making sure as the team scales everyone is on the same page, and that there is transparency across these different teams so that everyone knows what each other is working on. I met screenful some time back and their product has come along a long way, they provide a great solution for this using physical screens that update your team on their progress.. I'll let @samilinnanvuo fill us in more on his vision with the product....
@jasondainter Indeed it's really a communication tool in the end. Having data and metrics is one thing but there's not much use of those if it doesn't affect the behaviour. We wanted to take that data out of the tools and have it constantly visible on the office wall so that people cannot ignore it. That's why we embrace the use of big visible display for delivering this information.
So would I be using Screenful and Geckboard next to each other? One shows product progress, other shows business? :)
@bramk Yes, exactly. We're currently focused on the production side of things.