Working on multiple screens?

Getting distracted by side monitors brightening somewhere in your peripheral vision?

That’s why we created ScreenFocus.

The app dims your screens. You don't have to click any button to dim a screen. It's dimmed automatically when you move the cursor away. By default, only the side screens are dimmed. Of course, you can change it within the app menu.

You can easily customize its settings:

- dim level (how dark a screen gets),

- which monitors are dimmed,

- fade-in duration,

- fade-out duration,

- dimming delay time.

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I'm a little confused about this product actually. When I am using multiple screens, it is usually so I can have extra functionality, for instance, reading a doc on one screen and entering correlating data into another doc or app on the second screen. That would make this app redundant, right? Would be interesting to know people's thoughts.
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@jmckinven It depends on user preferences. Personally, I don't like when side monitors are bright. They distract me. Actually that was my only problem with working on multiple monitors. So the perfect solution for people like me is to dim them a little bit when they're not used. Doing that manually (physical button) is bad idea. Turning them off is even worse. ScreenFocus follows my cursor position and does the job for me.
@m_krzywonos Completely understand, Marcin! I think the product is cool and super valuable for people who prefer that particular workflow - nice work.
@jmckinven , yeah, I use multiple screens a lot with that workflow. For instance when coding with live reload, I always need the two screens "active" Reading information in one screen to place it on another, etc etc. I just can't see myself using this most of the time.
@jmckinven @cesar_cardoso I should have also mentioned that you can disable dimming for particular monitors anytime. Personally I use both workflows (mostly with dimmed side screens), but sometimes I need both monitors active as well.
@jmckinven I do the same. Whenever I wish to focus on one screen, which is rare, I just tap the power button on those screens.
As a multiple monitors user, I don't see the advantage of having such a software. The advantage of working with multiple monitors is that you can put windows side to side in order to work better, like having a webpage and an editor, or maybe span multiple screens. Dimming the screens "not in use" completely beats the point in my opinion, not to mention dimming screens actually contributes to more distraction. I can see some uses to this though, like watching a movie, or playing a game, or maybe focusing on writing an article or something like that
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out , Any Windows version ?
@m_krzywonos Any plans on making one? I'd love to use this.
Pros: well it seems nice... Cons: no windows version? it also seems a little bit overpriced
Nice features, but how do you compare with HazeOver from @pointum? :) Thanks!
@akdm_ HazeOver dims everything but current window. I find it great for big monitors (like 27"). ScreenFocus dims other monitors and focuses on the entire screen.
@m_krzywonos That's not totally correct, you can focus the window you're working on and dim all the others. But I get your point since HazeOver does not focus the entire screen. Thanks for the reply :)