Screenflow 8

Easily create stunning videos for Mac 🎬


Telestream ScreenFlow® offers high-quality screen, video, audio, and iOS capture, exceptionally powerful editing features as well as a new Stock Media Library option, ScreenFlow helps you create incredible looking videos, animated GIFs, and APNGs with unprecedented ease. You won’t find an easier to use or more intuitive interface for editing video.

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VP Marketing, Freightos

I love Screenflow although the last couple of updates have been getting pushed out a little buggy. I'd rather a less frequent cadence at a higher price point. Screenflow itself is awesome - I've yet to find something better.


Easy interface which some surprisingly powerful editing tools


These ongoing updates that cost a ton without a ton of new functionality

Artist @

I was using v5 but not it doesn't work on the new Mac OS. I agree with everyone that the constant update$ are annoying. It's great but at a $129 cost, I'd rather just record raw and use another editor like iMove and FinalCut that I already own. 6 months from now, will v8.5 cost another $39?


Great software


Every upgrade cost $


Such a great non-linear editing tool.


Still my favorite video editing tool


Wish they had a mode for editing only audio!

Community Manager at Momentum Dashboard

The updates don't always add much, but they are optional, and the previous version(s) still do a really good job.

I've been using Screenflow to create videos for our Help Center and am just starting to use it for gifs.


Easy to use, does the basics and more. 👍


Paid updates that don't always add much benefit.

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