Make badass-looking product screenshots!

Tired of boring product screenshots? Screener is a simple app which makes it super easy to put your app screenshots into beautiful, hand-crafted device frames of different styles. These frames are free to use everywhere you want.

People use this for their app listings in app stores or even to show off their homescreen setups.

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Arg. Would love an iOS or desktop version. (Now I know how android users feel when they check ph and see an iOS-only app.) This looks fantastic.
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@andrewwarner Thank you very much Andrew! An iOS version is not planned yet, we believe the demand for an app like this is pretty low over there. A web app is something we could definitely think about though!
Hi Product Hunt, this is our first time posting here, I hope we’re doing everything right! We’re Toastcode, a small team of high school students, designers and developers passionate about creating high-quality apps. We initially made Screener because we wanted to make the lives of developers easier. The app lets you wrap your screenshots in beautiful, hand-crafted device mockups in different styles, with just a few clicks. It’s super easy, completely free and doesn’t require any knowledge about image editing software like Photoshop. You just open the app, choose your desired device frame, insert the screenshot and save the image! It’s as easy as that and the final images are completely free to use wherever you want. We quickly noticed the app is not only great for devs, but also for individuals who want to share their homescreen setups for example. We now have a Google+ Community of almost 10.000 people who regularly share their setups with the whole community. They get really creative there, which is awesome! You can find a full changelog on Google Play, but here are the most important changes we made in today’s big update: - Completely revamped download UI/UX - Added new frames for devices with rounded corners like the Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Xiaomi Mi Mix - Add Launcher Shortcuts for your favorite frames on supported devices - Optimizations to image processing Let us know what we could improve!
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@tbremer19 Does this work with videos? If it does, where do I sign? 😉
@tbremer19 Nice. Looking good. Need the IOS though :-(
@jevinsew We don't support videos yet, sorry. But you could DM me on Twitter, I'll send you the Frame files which you could then use in a normal video editing software.
@hassanriggs Thanks! As mentioned, iOS is not yet planned. Maybe something for the future. :)
Really simple and effective app, nice!
@androidlove Thanks Carlos, that was our main goal :)
*Woohoo, 100th upvoter* Love the app. I've been using it for close to a year now! (for showcasing my apps in the store) The provided device frames are slick. And the quick editing options are awesome!
@ignace_maes Hey, awesome to find a user here! Link us to your dev account, we'd love to take a look! And thanks for your 100th upvote! 😄
@tbremer19 My app Wonderwall is using the Screener-made images! Nice to know the Screener is made by students. Great job!
@ignace_maes Sweet, thank you!
This is great! Thank you!
@tonyschumaker Thanks for the kind words, Tony!