One-click play date app. Happy kids, happier parents.

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I've been waiting for this app, and was excited to learn @garyhill and @davidforrest were working on it.
Thanks for posting about us, Greg! ScreenDoor is an incredibly simple app that connects parents and facilitates play dates for their children. With a single tap, you send out the "bat signal" to all of the other parents you're connected to and let them know that your child wants a play date. Whether the play date is for right now, after school, or sometime on the weekend, the app makes it very easy to contact one another and arrange the play date. We're really interested in feedback from all parents with younger kids and appreciate folks spreading the word to parents they know.
"I'll be back to pick you up [from the playdate] in 3 hours!". A statement that makes ever kid happy....and every parent even happier. Yup, win-win-nier!