Screenbot for Slack

Share screenshots, screencasts, GIFs & more with a keystroke

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Hey Justin, I'm the developer of Screenbot. We're really excited to be launching today. I'm here to answer questions and respond to feedback.
@a_band Nice work guys! This is going to be really useful. Been looking for something like this for a while and you've hit the nail on the head. Integration with Slack is ideal.
@oliverwaters Thanks, Oliver! Let us know if you have any thoughts on how to make it better.
Hi. Can you tell me why you need this: "Screenbot will be able to access profile information for all users on "company name", including names, email addresses, and contact information." If you're using slack functionality to just post to channels, this should not be required information, no?
@andreasduess Totally. Here's the feature we use it for: (The autocomplete at the end). I wish that it didn't show that as a warning but it's the only way we could do that feature.
@a_band Thanks Levi. Gave Screenbot a shot and have to say, it's a very useful add-on to Slack. Really lovely integration.
I'm currently using Jumpshare to draw and annotate on top of designs in Slack, and it has been a huge help in product development. Was a die hard user of Droplr before I had some technical issues but this might bring me back. It's basically all I use screenshots for anymore these days so the product is a perfect fit for my current workflow.
So what's the ETA for a Windows version?
@hrbrt It's probably going to be ready before summer. We wanted to tackle the Mac platform first and respond to feedback before diving into Windows.
@a_band Great, thanks! Can't wait to use it for work.
I like Slack over Hipchat.