Screen Size Map

An interactive map of screen sizes for responsive web design

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2019
An interactive map of popular screen sizes, illustrating the responsive and adaptive device landscape.
πŸŽ‰ Screen sizes in device-independent pixel (DP)
🌟 Filter sizes by popularity
πŸ›  Hide & show device classes
πŸ–₯ Browser-based
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Thank you Kevin for hunting! Some context: About 6 years ago, I worked as a specialist for responsive web design in the design team of Deutsche Telekom (T-mobile). I built a first raw table of screen sizes that time. That topic somehow kept me going. Two years ago from today, me and my team at Boana launched the screen size map. We have been using it for a while internally and decided to put it online for convenience. So here it is – online and free. You can read about the design process here:
@johannes_holl Great job! I'm curious how calculates the popularity score, do you have any idea? I wanted to add the ability to sort the devices in by popularity but I couldn't find a reliable source.
Hello @thekitze, thanks you. Nice product that you have there, too. We spotted it some time ago and follow your updates :-) The popularity thing is quite difficult. There is different data out there. I choose a global popularity data set from W3Schools and Statcounter. Of course that feature could be much more complex – e.g. by country or so. mentioned that they took the data from Wikipedia – but the link is not there any more.
Love it!
@ulf_valentin thank you, valu!
Great stuff
Awesome, love it!
@fargho Thanks, Marcus! πŸŽ‰
This would be a SWEET Figma/Sketch plugin :D
@justin_rockmore Great idea! Maybe the next little side project πŸ’ͺ