Screen Savers by Johansson Design

Beautiful, useful, and funny designer screensavers.

Screen savers for Mac. Designed and developed by Johansson Design. The only company in the world making new, modern screen savers.

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Emoji Matrix FTW πŸ™‹
@bentossell that's my current screensaver πŸ™†
What up, Product Hunt? My friend Bjorn Johansson (maybe you've heard of one of the other things he's created, like just launched this beautiful set of screensavers which can be customized and which are both beautiful to look at and actually useful. You could go for one of the obvious ones, like the futuristic text showing the current date and time, OR you could go with my personal favorite, which displays random four letter words while you're afk ;)
@mayafish Thanks for posting, Maya! /Bjorn