Screen Guru is a tool to take clean screenshots of any website directly from your browser. The app is open source!

Happy screenshot!

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Some incoming improvements: - Delete cookie banners - Pick browser themes - Transparent background If you have any other suggestions, let me know :)
@shinework Maybe dial back the box shadow? I find it to be pretty strong.
@timothylong thanks for your feedback, it's fixed :)
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It has problems when you wish to take a screenshot of website which has cookies warning, or other privacy and opt-in messaging across header or footer of site, or as a pop-up. Eg. Try a screenshot for OR
@mattnavarra Thank you! Yes it's a known issue, we try to figure out how we can avoid these banners :)
@mattnavarra @shinework Just mask as an approved user agent. Facebook Scraper is a good one, as is Googlebot or any other crawler bot. 9 out of 10 these are permitted to skip the cookie message.
Great job!! 😊 This is interesting, how’s it different from other in the business?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! To my knowledge, there is no service that provides screenshots with a "browser look" directly from url. And it's open-source :)

I love the UI


Nice UI and very quick



Nice! Great idea. It has issues with site with a bit longer load time though, and delayed animations