WFH like you’re in the same room, by Screenhero cofounder.

#5 Product of the WeekMarch 25, 2020
Screen is a multiplayer screen sharing app that lets you work together like you’re in the same room. Unlike videoconferencing tools that are designed for presentation, Screen lets everyone participate through multiplayer drawing & control.
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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 Today, I'm launching Screen, an app that lets you work together like you’re in the same room. Previously, I was co-founder/CEO of Screenhero (acquired by Slack in 2015), and led the team that built Slack Calls (voice, video, and screen sharing in Slack). Screen is great for: - Engineers: pair programming, code review, live debugging, and brainstorming - Designers/Creatives: allowing others to draw on your screen makes creative review with stakeholders incredibly more interactive and engaging - Students/Teachers: being able to draw and drive a shared screen together means students can ask questions more effectively, and teachers can help students where they’re stuck - Any knowledge worker: if you work with others, and need to have two or more people give input on the same app, Screen can help Read more about the story behind Screenhero, Slack Calls, and Screen: I’ll be around here to answer any questions! I hope you find Screen useful, especially during these times.
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FYI @jsherwani, I did a video review of Screen and tagged you on it but I don't think you're super active on LinkedIn. I wanted to put your great new tool in front of a different audience (beyond tech folks!)
?makers Did you raise any funding for this? Any thoughts about potential social/teen (mis)uses for the product that I think are inevitable? Remarkably snappy app for a two-person team. We wrote about it here
@joshconstine Sorry! I replied on Twitter — have been overwhelmed with PH/HN/Twitter today!
@jsherwani ScreenHero changed my life, so I was gutted to find out it was going to be sunset post-Slack acquisition. Its resurrection as Screen brought me life and I’ve been using it with my team — brings back memories 🥰 All I have to say is thank you for building such a robust, intuitive product.
@jtzou I'm really happy to hear that! I plan to never let Screen go away — we’re here for the long haul! 🙌
Screen is amazing!! Seriously I have been waiting for something like this to be built for a long time.
Nice job on the install experience. Super smooth and great attention to detail re: the mac permissions walkthrough. Best of all the apps that require this that I've seen. I really respect the limited scopes you ask for with Slack integration too -- that shows an attention to detail at all levels. Thank you! My only tiny tiny nit on the onboarding is I think I lost the tutorial midway through (maybe). It was walking me through "draw mode" and then I saw I could toggle that mode and "cursor mode" (?) so I clicked that and the little tutorial help bubble went away. The app is so straight forward I'm not really worried about missing whatever might have been left, but... I never saw it =P Great work, and also good job on the pricing model. We also made our product free for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 outbreak, though I think you communicated it much better than we did in our launch last week. 😁
@plightbo Thanks! The onboarding is like old-school Sierra adventure games, I'm afraid, where if you take one step off a path, it's over! 😄 All you may have missed is that you can keep drawings around by keeping your mouse clicked, or using Caps Lock.