Seamlessly manage the electronic devices your family uses

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But Muuuuuuuuum just 10 more minutes 🙏
@bentossell I feel your pain, that's why Screen is here :) @screenNow
Screen is a home automation system that allows parents to set usage limits on a variety of different electronic devices. "In addition to phones, tablets and computers (which you might expect), screen also includes the TV, game system and streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV." You can pre-order the hardware component for $99 — ships this summer.
The idea seems to be quite modern and useful, yet this is another barrier for non electronic communication. Sad but true.
@aramiggs Yes, I agree we’re using technology to manage, well, technology. But the happy outcome is devices actually get unplugged. And that just might end with a face-to-face conversation ;)
Do they offer bundle deals for multiple TVs? I like the idea of time limits but in my household the time spent is not the primary problem, but rather content. I put Koalasafe in, which does a good job at time limits and white/blacklisting, but streaming services as not managed at the wifi access point level outside of simply providing access. Parental controls in streaming services and at the device level don't give you, the parent, log file data that can be analyzed. Also worth noting is that Apple's parental controls are totally unmanageable, I simply gave up after the 134th "enter your itunes password" prompt.
Right now, if you pre-order more than one, they will work together from a single remote app. @jeff_nolan , I feel your pain with finding Parental content controls that work! I had the same problem - which is part of why I created Screen! Right now, Screen shares a snapshot of what’s currently on the device screen as well as the apps that runs in the background, of any connected device. We offer you as a parent access to see logs, on our road map is content blockers.
interesting. Today i submitted OurPact on PH which does something comparable but without the need of hardware. i tried and it works
@ourielohayon @screenNow is the only full solution for managing kids device. Computers, iOS devices, Android devices, & also TV, game consoles, and other streaming devices. check it out and lmk what you think