Coding for young children

I'm a big fan of Scratch by MIT, a graphical programming environment for kids aged 8-11. They recently ported it to HTML5, and then open sourced the entire thing. Now, after a successful kickstarter the Scratch idea is available for younger kids and crucially it's for the iPad. I'm excited about this - early stage tools like this are crucial for getting the next generation interested in tech. All power to them! If you like this you'll probably also appreciate Hopscotch:
love this. i wonder what reception has been from elementary schools in terms of incorporating this.
@eriktorenberg I've passed it on to my computing teacher who runs our CodeClub. And I'll be trying it with my kids this weekend!
Is it wrong that I'm excited enough by this to want to introduce it to my three year old?
So proud of my friends at Tufts and MIT who made this happen!