Scratch Track

Record, edit, and organize song ideas between bandmates

After getting tired of recording songs with the Voice Memo app, we created Scratch Track - a better way to record, edit, and organize song ideas with bandmates. Scratch Track is made for people who play music by people who play music.

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Hey PH! Justin from the Scratch Track team here. We’re a 4 person team of musicians who are equally passionate about design and technology. With half of the Scratch Track team actively touring throughout the year (Mike Politowicz with Dowsing and myself with Super Unison), many of the ideas for features within the app grew from conversations with friends and fellow musicians around the world. The concept for Scratch Track came from years of playing in DIY/punk bands, where we’ve found ourselves and many others relying heavily on the Voice Memo app to capture song ideas. While capturing new ideas with the Voice Memo app was incredibly easy, everything after that was a struggle. Song ideas were disorganized, listening back meant filing through text messages or emails, playback would stop if your phone auto-locked, and occasionally, ideas would just be lost forever. Even Metallica great Kirk Hammett had to face the bitter reality of storing all of his precious song ideas on a single device. ( We’ve already started sharing Scratch Track with our friends in the DIY/punk community and reception has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re a small team, so we started by prioritizing the iOS app. Future plans include a web app, Android support, and multi-tracking, in addition to many other new features as the app continues to evolve for today’s musicians. We’d love to get feedback from the PH community and I’m happy to answer questions!
Hey Justin, I typically record songs or guitar riff ideas on GarageBand. Why is this better?
@daviswbaer Hey Davis! 1) Sharing — This is the biggest issue we’ve found with other recording apps (like GarageBand). With Scratch Track, you can create a shared band that immediately syncs recordings between bandmates without having to export a file and then text or email or upload it to another app (although you can still do that w/ Scratch Track if you need to). 2) Backups — Even if you’re not sharing your ideas with anyone, Scratch Track stores your recordings on our server, so if you lose or break your phone, you don’t have to worry about losing your ideas as well. 3) Simplicity — Another big factor that sets us apart from GarageBand is simplicity. We understand how awesome and valuable a lot of the features in GarageBand are, but we don’t want people to feel discouraged or frustrated with figuring out a new app — we want to provide a quick, easy way to record an idea (similar to Apple’s Voice Memo app, but with a few much needed additions). Hope that answers your question! Let us know if you have any more. :)
@mike_politowicz Very helpful! Thanks :)
Are you aware of Apple’s own app, “music memos”? Music Memos by Apple I really like your concept of group share. I’m from a music background myself so I absolutely see the value in this.
@mickc79 Hey Mick! We are familiar with Apple Music Memos! It's a cool concept, and we had high hopes for it — unfortunately, like you mentioned, the lack of group sharing makes it pretty limiting for bands.
Hi there, such a great idea for an app! I’ve been searching for something like this for awhile. Quick question can you make your audio sample loop while playing? For writing parts over band mates ideas this feature would be so great. If not, any plans to create? I’ve been using an IOS app called music memos and it’s so easy to create a loop but so hard to share with others. Thanks!