Scraper AI

Automate website data extraction in a few clicks

Scraper.AI is a data extraction tool that allows you to scrape and extract data from any website. Automate your data gathering process now through features such as data exporting, scheduled monitoring, API endpoints, webhooks and change detection.
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Hi ProductHunt Community! After being stuck ourselves to gather insights from websites in a structured way, we decided that it was time to take control of data yourself. By releasing our first tool called Scraper.AI, you can now open any website, click the relevant data points you would like to extract and get the extracted and structured data delivered to you in just a couple of minutes between sign-up to receiving your first data points. Our core feature set includes: ⏳ Scheduling: Schedule your data points to be updated in an interval that you choose (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) 🔄 Change monitoring: Detect changes to data, allowing you to monitor pricing updates, articles, ... and create your own subscribe functionality 📩 Export: export your gathered data in a format you like (.json, .csv, .xlsx) 💻 App integration through an API Endpoint and Webhooks Let us know what you think! We're here to answer any questions you might have. Kind Regards, Xavier
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This seems to focus on pages that change on a regular basis. What if I want to scrape all 573 result pages of a custom site a single time?
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@gopietz Hi Pietz! Great question! We do support pagination allowing you to select the "Next Page" button which will then scrape all the 573 result pages
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Interested. Any PH discount? 🤔
@stephenalan Hi Stephen! Please contact us once you subscribed and we can offer 10% off for the first 5 PH subscribers :)
Congrats on the launch. Can this be used to scrap Google maps and extract all the businesses information in a specific area?