Get logos for site/app with this dead-simple HTML API

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Very helpful if you e.g. like to add a list of existing customers to your website. You never again need to download them all, edit in PS and upload again.
@alternative3 True! Such a good tool. Thanks for upvoting and checking it out.
API documentation Simply put this HTML wherever you want to show the logo: Suggest a better logo Replace {domain} with a domain of the website from which you want to scrape a logo (without http://). As sizes of logos might vary, we recommend to set max-width and max-height for the img tag. Let your users suggest a better logo if needed. Simply link them to our site. We need to manually approve all suggestions, so it may take a few hours for logo to be replaced. You can use onerror attribute for your images to handle missing logos. Note: The logo won’t show if your website isn’t approved. Join the beta to get ScrapeLogo for your site. Due capacity limitations, requests for logos from websites not in our list are disabled.
Nice concept! I tried with a bunch of sites and it couldn't find any logos using the scraper, worked for all the big name sites I tried though where the logos are already in the db
@nick_franklin Same results: I was able to get some giant brands, but even failed for me. I'm also curious about rights issues/brand guideline use. On one hand this seems like a horrible way to get the 'correct' brand image to use on your site, but on a much more important hand, it seems like a really fast way to fix incorrect usage of logos.
@nick_franklin @willimholte Good point about the fixing incorrect/outdated logos. ScrapeLogo does this well, saves your devs time; no manual updating needed.
Interesting that ScrapeLogo was acquired on March 10th of this year, by RiteTag.. Looks like they're doing some good things to up their user base!
@brockneilson Thanks. Actually, we need ScrapeLogo for personalizing the RiteTag experience for corporate users, groups, etc.