Scraped Plate

Solving world hunger with a push of the button!

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Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson@burtjohanson · Fire Drops, LLC
ha. knew this had to be fake when i saw it. still, good way of raising awareness/building an audience for an important issue. very creative.
Umang Galaiya
Umang Galaiya@umanghome · Founder, Picture Band
Bringing tech to this concept is really cool. Should double the number of people who gave their leftover food to people who can't afford it.
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
Hello, I love what you're doing here with Scraped Plate.. Idea #1: Will you be targeting restaurants and relevant dining establishments for their end of shift excess? I believe that will be an excellent utilization of your service. Idea #2: If only you could access the edible leftovers from grocery stores stock.. I have a family member who works at a Super Market and I have seen a documentary relevant to my knowledge of the tremendous waste that occurs there.. A strategy maybe to introduce the "Best Before Scraped Date" on foods to have a grace period for pickup of food that is about to spoil.. This maybe a challenge to implement as per participation of store locations.. As it decreases shelf-life for the store's goods (minimally).. However the benefits are tremendous (helping solve world hunger).. Even if the "BBSD" was a few days prior to the "Best Before Date" this would allow for pickup of the goods. I look forward to discussing this with you.. I hope this was beneficial for you to read! :) Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
Thomas Devol
Thomas Devol@tastyc0de · CTO, Puddle
I made something very similar at a hackathon a while back. . We made a special box to be placed outside restaurants where people could leave their leftover to-go boxes. Homeless shelters in the area would get pinged when the box was full. But this project, this project seems to be a joke. I know that startups solving hunger seems to be a joke to certain people. As if empathy and technology can't be used to solve real problems
Melissa Rios
Melissa Rios@melissarios94 · Assc. Prod. Mgr. - Automation, Adobe