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If the app isn't available for free, sit tight. The team just decided to release the app for free and changed the price an hour ago on iTunes Connect.
Waiting..... :) App looks great, congrats on the launch! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Anything you can reveal from the shorter term feature roadmap?
@PieterPaul Thanks! First thing that we are working on is getting it ready for iOS8. The use of extensions is going to improve the usability of the app. At the same time we are trying to make the app available for iPad as well. And of course there are some things I can't really talk about just yet!
@avdgriendt this would look really well on an iPad, looking forward to it! Let me know if you need privat Beta testers ;)
@pieterpaul Hi Pieter, I'm excited to let you know that today we have released our iPad version.
What is the advantage over Evernote?
@UXAndrew My guess: simplicity and more visual
@UXAndrew Or OneNote? Seems like it's a bit Google Keep like in terms of Card UI for notes. Curious to know how cross platform it is and if it all syncs and such.
@UXAndrew That's a great question Andrew. As Pieter already guessed, simplicity and having great visual overviews of your items is one thing. Evernote is also more of an allround app while we are trying to fit the needs for creatives only.
@avdgriendt It looks brilliant, but my fears about products like this is that they will end up like Springpad. I really loved Springpad and I used it, and that was their MO as well, but in the end they closed... Do you think creatives are in need of a tool like this? It seems like a crowded space, although I must say the design looks absolutely fantastic!
@UXAndrew The three of us from Scrapd studied industrial design engineering and our need for a tool like Scrapd was born juggling study- and sideprojects. Things can get messy. I think that the field is crowded, but we strongly believe that we get some things right in structurizing creativity that others don't. There's still a lot to do for us, but we wanted to push the button and we look forward to collect feedback from our users and iterate on the product.