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Hi guys! I just submitted Scraim, a product that is revolutionizing the implementation of international certifications while helping organizations to standardize best practices across all teams and improve the way they work. Feel free to check and try it out, feedback is greatly appreciated as we are rolling out great changes to the product. What is Scraim? SCRAIM is an online service for project management based on adaptable processes, to help standardize best practices, revolutionizing the implementation of international certifications. We gathered the best from project management with the best from process management. SCRAIM is the solution for a pain first noticed while providing Process Improvement consultancy. The clients were having the same problems over and over again, clients from companies that develop software, including: Banks, Telecom companies, Health and ICT sectors. The main cause was that the lack processes to standardize the best practices across all teams, leading to delays and even project failure. Our mission is to provide a Project Management service, where you can access every time and everywhere through a web and mobile app, that has all in one place but is still flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs.