The world's first smart speed radar

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This is a perfect tool for pitchers to keep track of their performance.
@markoxvee not only for pitchers, but for hitters and all positional players as well... and that's only talking baseball... now throw in all the other ball sports as well...
The story of SCOUTEE began almost 18 years ago, when my family visited relatives in Akron, Ohio, and they took us to my first Major League Baseball game. I was so impressed with the sport that upon our return to Europe, I became actively involved for nearly 10 years and also a member of the Slovenian National Baseball Team (full story here: After finishing high school, I wanted to go professional. However, although I had the talent, I lacked the stats, videos, and other metrics that would support my case, as baseball in Europe is still developing. I later realized that just like me there must be millions of young players, their parents, and their coaches worldwide who lack a convenient way for easily measuring and keeping track of their progress and exposing their talent. I gathered a team of experts to help me develop an affordable, reliable, convenient, and connected device that players and coaches could use every day - SCOUTEE. We’re starting with baseball, but SCOUTEE can measure the speed of any ball, or even any moving object. Feel free to reach out and ask anything or just tell us what you would use SCOUTEE for.
This sounds way better than tracking your performance manually. Great idea & great execution. Congrats.
@simmenfl Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Any baseball in Hong Kong? :)
Dear PH community, I would like to personally thank all of you for your support and feedback on SCOUTEE. It was a great pleasure to discuss all the product details of our solution. Should you have any further questions or comments on SCOUTEE, please feel free to reach out at any time. Thanks, Miha
@mihauhan I love the idea! What was the most difficult part of building this? Also I'm wondering what is the most common use case other than measuring the speed of a ball. Can you measure the speed of a car?