Scout + Slack

An AI-powered recruiting assistant to find top talent

Scout is a virtual assistant for recruiting that discovers & delivers qualified job candidates. Scout finds the best point of contact, enriches profiles, and composes personalized messages that you can send with one click. Scout is built to scale up our customer's recruiting efforts just like they use AWS to handle traffic surges.

Today we're thrilled to announce a huge upgrade to Scout. We now integrate directly with Slack, Gmail, and Greenhouse - with a few more (including Outlook support) in the works. For those who are not familiar with Scout we consider ourselves an expert recruiting assistant that gives you sourcing superpowers without super-sized costs. We firmly believe that our service should seamlessly integrate into the workflow of our customers. One thing I love most about the Product Hunt is the constructive feedback from the community. It would be great to learn which integrations excite you the most. Thanks!
Congrats! Great team working on this!
Love seeing the evolution of Scout!
Congrats @genevieve_wolff_lydstone and team! Can you talk a bit about what differentiates you from other tools?
@eriktorenberg - Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. To answer your question, here's what differentiates Scout from other recruiting tools and services: 1) Scout is 20x cheaper than hiring a recruiting agency. $600 per position per month, versus ~20-30% of first year salary. 2) We do all the heavy lifting behind sourcing. There are tools in existence that assist with sourcing, but still require the manager to spend hours combing through candidate profiles. We share the best candidate profiles in batches of 10, and we solicit feedback on each candidate refining the search so that your results improve with each batch. 3) Our platform integrates with Slack as well as most applicant tracking systems to help keep teams organized throughout the recruiting process. 4) We enable hiring managers to reach out to a candidate directly in one click resulting in much higher response rates (candidates love to hear directly from a hiring manager versus a 3rd party recruiter). 5) We draft personalized emails on behalf of our customers, saving them significant time in reaching out.
@genevieve_wolff_lydstone @eriktorenberg Look interesting but I'm curious about 2) do you this manually or through AI or programming? I ask because if through AI/programming it means that if you are not a candidate that has sanitized your CV to have no soul/nothing interesting just what Recruiting platforms are looking for, then you don't get 'selected' for the batch of 10... and I feel has someone that has hired plenty that that's one the main 'issues' with all of these recruitment platforms, they go on keywords and that lets plenty of great potential candidates fall right-through just because they might have an atypical profile/CV/résumé etc... If you did manually curate/go through CVs, I am not sure that is scalable long term but would explain the high price [yes sorry I do think it is expensive at $ 1,500/month potentially all depends on what level of service you are providing, which is why the question]. 3) I know Slack is the darling of a generation at the moment but what about those companies that have not gone the way of using Slack? does your platform still function or is it requiring of a Slack account / use? 4) Just curious if that is even an issue, I have not seen 'reaching out' to candidates and them answering an issue, I've definitely seen the other way being a major issue where when you reach out to a potential employer even with a very polite inquiry, they go unanswered...
@exlemor @eriktorenberg Hi Emmanuel - Thanks so much for the questions. 2) Scout is a combo of AI and a team of professional recruiters. Both are needed for several of the reasons you point out and many more. The business model is healthy and works well with the current combination. 3) no need to integrate slack and it works great as a stand alone. I must admit, I'm one of Slack's obsessed fans so I think the integration is great but not a "must have" 4) absolutely. it's often really challenging to connect with the talent you want to hire as they are often employed and not actively looking for new work. Thanks again for your interest in what we're building at Scout!
Congrats!! Looks great!