Scout FM

Hand-curated podcast radio stations, personalized with AI

Welcome to Scout FM, where you can always find something good to listen to.

-Say "Alexa, open Scout FM" or download on Android or iOS.

-Just start listening to one of our hand-curated podcast radio stations.

-The stations will be tailored to you, and the more you listen, the better our recommendations get.

Happy listening!

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Hi everyone, Saul from Scout FM here. At Scout FM, our mission is to find you something good to listen to — something to make you more informed about the world, make you smarter, make you better at your job or life, or just entertain you. Scout FM is different than most podcast listening experiences because it is designed for voice assistants like Alexa. Every day, when you feel like turning on talk radio or listening to a podcast, you just say “Alexa, open Scout FM.” There's no searching or scrolling — you just tell Scout FM what kind of mood you're in and start listening. Scout FM will remember you, remember what you like, and evolve over time to be your own personal podcast radio DJ. Some additional notes: -We're launching Scout FM with 3 "stations" for 3 distinct moods: Daily News for getting caught up on the world, Brain Food for learning something new, and True Story for a good story. -When you listen, we always tell you what the episode is about before we start playing so you have a chance to skip it and go on to the next thing by saying "Alexa, next." -If you don’t have an Amazon Echo, you can still experience the customized stations and voice-first design with Scout FM for iOS and Android. The apps have more stations to check out, as well. Thanks! We'd love your feedback and we're happy to answer your questions.
Excited about for the launch of my friend @saulcarlin's @scoutdotfm — bringing radio-like listening for podcasts to Alexa! (And: what's old is new again!)

I was a beta tester and now use the app extensively. Very nice.


East to use, curated podcasts