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Seems to have caused a lot of backlash in the community. Discussion: https://dribbble.com/shots/37432... Looking forward to a detailed blog post or comments here about the process that went into this, and what the plans are for smaller businesses that can't afford the high fees (deeper Crew integration?)
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@abnux everything is said in the comment, nothing to add. Really bad move if they're keeping it like that.
@antoineplu very vague + incomplete communication by them, quite unusual
@abnux Yeah totally, and I'm maybe bias by my experience but there is so many things missing from a search. They are some basics you can't avoid, like sorting, today it's just pure magic, no communication on it. And I'm not even talking about how slow this page is... Plus like @syswarren said, the location is totally broke here, and people are trying to cheat this system to be visible from anywhere. People are putting a lot of efforts, lot of works in this community, I really wish to heard back from the Dribbble team @sassbarger @ursooperduper
@abnux Damn, you are right, it hasn't gone well with the community at all. But Dribble needs to make money at the end of the day, and deals being conducted off the site/third party are great for users, but useless to Dribbble, as they can't rely on annual subs alone
I have to be honest that I am super confused about Scout. As a marketplace founder myself, I think the idea is solid and very smart for Dribbble (though I'd be interested to hear their thinking around how Scout and Crew work together), but the business model makes no sense to me. I'm looking to hire a designer, but yesterday I went to sign up to use Scout and was asked to pay $199/mo or $2300 (up front!) for the year. What? Maybe (maybe!) it makes sense for a small subset of agencies constantly looking to find a designer for a project or for a few Fortune 500s with a lot of projects, but for the average business owner looking to find a designer, it does not make sense. What am I missing?
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I'm a bit confused about the "search by location" when designers on Dribbble can list absolutely anything in their location preferences. It seems that some are already using this to cheat the system. 😟
@syswarren exactly, like if a guy was gonna relocate easily for 5k freelance contract
Interested to see if people will pay this. I could understand $20 a month, but $200 blows my mind.
A day after @hemeon announced The Success and Failure of Design Inc. Dribbble introduce Scout How it works: - Find the best designers that match what you’re looking for - Improve your workflow by easily organizing your favorite designers - Connect with and message designers