Virtual recruiting assistant that sources top candidates

A recruiting assistant for hiring. Save time & money sourcing qualified candidates. Let Scout find the best talent for your team.

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Thanks for posting @gillianm! Scout is a virtual assistant for recruiting that discovers & delivers qualified job candidates. Scout finds the best point of contact, enriches profiles, and composes personalized messages that you can send with one click. We like to think you can use Scout to scale up your recruiting just like you use AWS to handle traffic surges. A quick shout out to our team. The effort put out by this small group makes me exceptionally proud. It would be great to see your thoughts & questions as well as what else you may look for from Scout. BTW - We’re offering a discount to the PH community that sends customer inquiries today!
@calc @andresblank are you guys ready to take the challenge in Brussels ? we've an inquiry for a candidate here :)
@simvanlierde @calc absolutely :) happy to schedule a time to chat. Email me at andres (at)
Thanks for your support @gillianm! We launched Scout because we believe that the best people to hire are not actively looking for work, but are usually open to exploring new opportunities. The problem is that searching and connecting with them on Linkedin, Github and Twitter takes a lot of time. What if we could build a service that does all that work for you? Scout is a virtual recruiting assistant that finds and contacts the best candidates for you. We combine technology with HR professionals to discover the best candidates on all the professional networks, find the best point of contact, and compose personalized emails ready for you to send. Our clients are saving dozens of hours and thousands of dollars it usually takes to hire someone. In only 5 months we've been able to sign large customers such as NY Life Insurance, Bloomberg and Lyft. Also startups such as YouNow, SecurityScorecard, Betaworks and Angel List. We'd love to get the thoughts of the awesome PH community :)
We love this product. We have hired multiple candidates sourced from Scout
Thanks @amol! We're glad we were able to help :)
Thanks @amol we're very fortunate to have had your support so early on!
Andres is doing great work in creating a virtual assistant for recruiting. Really impressed with this product.
Thanks @cenedella really appreciate the nice words!
Nice execution on a problem I was thinking of dividing into!