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Hello! I'm Jordan and I made Scout. Scout is an easy way for you to advertise your product with 4x6 postcards without any engineering involved. You design a front/back image, upload a CSV of addresses, we'll validate them, print them, and send them off for just a buck a card. You can even do A/B testing too by sending different cards out to different groups. I'll even help you source a targeted list of consumers / businesses. I'd love your thoughts! -Jordan
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@inventitorfixit This is fantastic. I'll definitely be using this for a project.
@inventitorfixit Very cool idea Jordan! I will probably use it soon
@itsthisjustin Feel free to email me! I'd love to help you out, provide feedback on your design if you want it, etc.
@alainduruy Let me know what your use case is and I'd be so happy to help you out. Thanks so much for the kind words.
@inventitorfixit it's cool to see the cycle of the market -- as trends sway back and forth. This brings postcards and the digital world together with the tangible marketing side of things.... like it --- I think we're going to see a lot more tangible marketing products as everyone continues to saturate our digital consumption.
This is an awesome way to make customers happy (and returning to you) for a relatively low cost. Move over, SaaS... here comes PaaS (postcards as a service).
@hnshah I have heard PaaS (Platform as a Service) and PaaS (Privacy as a Service) but that's unique.... PaaS (Postcards as a Service).
Nice idea! I sent quite a few letters for the new year's, we designed them internally then contracted different parts with external agents. It was a lot of work and I sure wish I had Scout at the time. One thing I enjoyed though (and I hope recipients did enjoy as well), was to be able to write a message myself. Do you look to add this feature as well (or having someone hand write the message I wrote?). I guess my concern behind this question, is that what's awesome with postcards is that they feel personal. If you aim to kind of industrialize the whole process, what space is there left for enjoyment on the recipient's end?
@thibautdavoult This is a great point and Scout is designed behind the scenes to eventually power this type of personalization. We're considering doing an integration with a hand written service too (which would like 5x-10x the per-card cost) and also allowing marketers to do variables in the CSV (think custom discount codes for tracking). But, we're just 1.0. There's a lot we can do, just need a few lighthouse customers with enough volume that want something personal and we'll build it for them if the volume is there.
@inventitorfixit this approach definitely makes a lot of sense! Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Lol. I have a side project on my localhost that does exactly this, using Lob as well. I could put it up in 4 hours, but I don't have time for it now. Anyway, make sure you add some twists, extra features, like integrations, I smell competition from far away. Lob API is pretty good and easy to integrate so it will be harder for others to replicate your product.
@virgilci Yup, we actually built this after meeting with Lob several times. The whole system is built to allow marketers (without engineers) to do A/B tested postcards. This is just 1.0 :).
Might use this for my Christmas cards.
@joshdance We would be flattered. Never too early to start for Xmas :)