Find hidden cameras in Airbnbs, hotels, & public restrooms

#5 Product of the WeekNovember 05, 2019
Scout is a hidden camera finder for anyone who's concerned about being spied on in private spaces. Every week, the media reports stories of spy cameras being found in Airbnbs, hotels, public bathrooms, gyms, and more - Scout finds them!
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Hey amigos, thanks for checking out Scout! Appreciate ya, @allnick. I've dreamed of making my own products for years, and Scout is the first one to come to fruition. I've been in the spy/surveillance space for about 10 years now, with the last 5 being at my own company, SpyGuy, which I started after reading the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Over time, I've watched as more and more stories hit the news about hidden cameras being found in private places - and those are just the ones that were found. Since I've been in the industry so long, I know just how prevalent these things are, how people are using them, and how people are really concerned about being filmed without their consent. Most advice on finding hidden cameras sucks. Media outlets tell you scan WiFi networks, or to buy a radio frequency (RF) detector, despite the fact that most hidden cameras aren't even transmitting a signal. Scout can work on all hidden cameras because it looks for the lens itself, which has to be exposed so the camera can see anything. I'm happy to take any questions about SpyGuy or Scout - starting it, development, scaling, whatever. To any aspiring entrepreneurs out there, I've posted a link to my 4HWW case study that was on the Tim Ferriss podcast nearly a year ago. I've been told it's "surprisingly not bad". Finally, pretty sure y'all like discounts so if you use code 'producthunt' at checkout you'll get 15% off on Scout for the rest of the week.
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@allnick @arthur_tkachenko no, we don't. Maybe it'll be something we do in the future, but right now we're only offering it on our website.
So, you've got two sides of the coin covered - both airbnb hosts and guests. Not only do you sell spy camera products (to hosts) but also products to detect those spy cameras (to guests)? So create a problem and then a solution - brilliant. /s
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@sekhar_chandra I was waiting for this comment! Hidden cameras (and other spy tools) can be great tools when used legally. I've had law enforcement, private investigators, business owners, concerned parents, concerned children of the elderly.... they can be used to catch abuse, theft, and even save lives. Putting them in private areas is illegal, though, and Scout helps find those cameras.
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SCAM! This has been around for years, usually $20 or less online. If you want real "TSCM" buy a product that will actually find hidden cameras. Save your money. Guess what, as crappy as this one is ( it does the same "Trick". Want the real deal look at
@brandon_gregg Not sure this is the fairest comment, and I'd like to hear what the maker has to say. The Scout product looks a lot simpler to use and far more design thought was put into it in my opinion. Even if it does the same thing, it might be a better experience for users. The second link is for industry professionals, nobody that just wants to make sure their Airbnb isn't crawling with cameras is going to take their courses and become a professional. Anyhoodles, I remain curious and would like to understand how Scout might be a better option than one of the all in one RF/EMF gadgets which I do agree look like cheap toys. As I type someone is likely working on a hidden camera lens upgrade that will fool these types of devices...
@brandon_gregg personally know allen and he's definitely not some sleazy scammer. i've seen him put a lot of time and resources into developing this product. product may look simple but there was a lot of thought that went into the function and design. i have no affiliation with spy guy but am just a dude who knows allen and what went into bringing this to market.
@chris_kim3, @brandon_gregg is right. This tech is not only available on Amazon but I bought something (almost) exactly like this for <$10 from AliExpress in 2015. Almost, because that device also makes a beeping noise (plus everything this product does) when it detects a camera, so I really don't know what you mean by 'a lot of thought went into the function', as if this was something unique. Allen's design is unique, I can give you that, but it doesn't justify the hefty price tag of $99. Also, congratulations on the brand new account that you created just for commenting this. ๐Ÿ™„
@chris_kim3 see this? I've had one since 2011. Hope someone has a patent...
Seems like a great tool to have when traveling overseas! Thanks for helping women fight the creep factor while traveling.
@lnchoi absolutely, Ellen - we knew women would appreciate this product the most. It's been a really big issue for women in South Korea:
I came across Allen via the Texas startup collective I follow on Twitter. Turned out he was building a pretty compelling site focused on spy gear (both for spying and for detecting spys). In this case, the hidden camera finder is a super compelling product for those who are traveling the world, especially as cameras become smaller and more obscure.