Travel planner that combines Google Maps and Sheets/Docs

Scout makes trip planning faster by combining Google Maps and Sheets/Docs into one web app
📍Collect places in a list
📝Add notes ("why did I add this place again?")
🗺See it all on a map
🚀Build an itinerary
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11 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina! 🙏 Hi Product Hunt 👋 I'm Eric. We built Scout because planning a trip is painful and time consuming. Sometimes it felt like a chore. We found ourselves constantly switching between Google Sheets/Docs and Google Maps to see where places were. We tried other apps out there but nothing was simple, flexible, yet provided the right amount of structure. So we decided to build our own that satisfied what we wanted. Features: 📍Lists - Dump all your places you collect from friends, travel blogs, and websites 🗺Map - See where places are clustered to plan an efficient route 📝Notes - Add tips like how to get there or what to eat 🗓Itinerary - Drag and drop places to track what and when you're doing things 👫Collaborate - Share a link and anyone can add places (even without an account) 🧭Route overlay - See the path you're taking 🗣Yelp and TripAdvisor - Links to your favorite review sites are 1-click away 💬Simple sharing - Easily share beautiful trip recommendations with friends (like this) What's different about Scout? Scout gives you the flexibility of both a list of potential places and a structured itinerary. For example, you can add a bunch of restaurants you may want to go to and decide at lunch time based on how you're feeling. But you can also create an itinerary with specific attractions you know you'll visit. Second, we love maps and find it very useful for planning so we made it huge. We take a map first approach. Try out Scout today! We'd love to hear what you think.
@chrismessina @ericmao Amazing! This would have saved me a lot of time a few months ago. I'll definitely use Scout for my next trip, though.
For trip planning, I used to place a bunch of pins onto Google Maps and leave it at that. With Scout, I've taken the next step by dragging together a quick day-to-day itinerary with little additional effort :) Useful to plan both solo trips and especially trips with friends/fam!
Thanks @yang_you1 cheers to more trips with friends and fam using Scout! :)
Love the route planning functionality scout gives you when you create your itinerary
@mingcn Thanks Thadd!
I used this for my Hawaii trip! It saved me a good 3 hours on planning logistics. Also, it was super simple to share my itinerary with friends who asked about my trip. Great job Eric and the rest of the team!
Thanks @arjun_patel1! Less time planning, more time relaxing on the beaches 🏖
Scout has been great for not only planning day trips, but also sharing! Gone are the days of responding to friends asking "what should I do for a day in city X" with a cluttered spreadsheet/text!
@aaron_lee9 Thanks for sharing Scout with your friends Aaron :)