Breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes

SCORKL is a small, portable and easy to refill oxygen container for your underwater experience. It gives you up to 10 minutes of underwater exploration. It has a scuba tank pump so you can refill it anytime you want to dive. Use it cautiously and with a lot of fun!

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Looks super cool but a word of caution. Breathing compressed air underwater is no joke.. You can literally blow a hole in your lung by taking a breath of compressed air and then going to the surface. This can happen in less than 10 ft of water. I think this invention looks incredible, but hope they make users aware of the dangers, or get the training needed.
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@joshdance I can't upvote this comment enough -- I don't think people understand how dangerous this can be if proper decompression procedure is not followed. As a certified diver, I've seen people get the bends in shallow water and there's absolutely *NO* disclaimer, warning or anything else on their Kickstarter campaign. For anyone considering this, I highly advise you educate yourself about DCS (the bends) and how to avoid it while diving. There are reasons people get scuba certified, don't short circuit all of that in one moment on a fun vacation and get yourself killed. Lawsuit waiting to happen.
@yozzozo @joshdance Came here just to see if anyone had said this! This is nuts. People can get the bends in a pool!
@yozzozo @joshdance But also I kind of want one 😬
@joshdance Yeah First thing a diver friend said "it's the best way if you want to die" would not try it even if it's appealing ahah
Why not design it like a camelbak or something similar instead of having a tank dangling in front your chin
@markus_schuette it was also my first thought, that it was a weird looking way to go on diving. If you were given a blank paper to design an ergonomic solution from scratch I don't think you would come with this approach, but I guess they just build on top of the existing know how on oxygen tanks, which can keep gases in these extreme pressures.
@marcbc Agreed, but they could have made it fit into a small backpack, fanny pack, or arm sleeve of some sort..
hmmm Spare Air is virtually the same exact product that has been around since the 90s...
@dielawn714 yeah was thinking the same thing.
The bike pump accessory to refill wherever you are is probably the coolest part of this gadget
@kristofertm +++ Poduct looks amazing! I like this part
@kristofer, this project is stunning! I do agree with you, the pump is one of the coolest thing on this project but it could have been smaller. I'm quite new on product Hunt, why is there no maker for this project?
@charlesthiery I just added him. Hopefully he'll pop into the comments soon
@kristofertm Ok:) thanks for the quick reply.