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David WestMaker@david_west · Product @ Nibble Apps
ScoreLord is inspired by the professional tennis game. We started this project by addressing some key challenges with the amateur tennis game: a) finding similar players, b) generating match statistics & c) seeing who's hitting around you. With its slick interface, ScoreLord has removed those obstacles, allowing you to enjoy your matches without ever being restrained to tapping buttons on the court. You can score using swipe gestures on the iPhone (inc. double-tap for ace, single tap for fault) & you can use the Apple Watch's Digital Crown to record your matches too, without ever having to lift your phone mid-match. And that's not it. Whilst on the court, hammering down those aces...others can see your matches LIVE & the statistics that you're auto-generating. Better still, comparisons between you & Novak, Serena or any other ATP/WTA player can be made with two quick taps. Made for anyone with an interest in tennis, casuals included. I'm here as the app's founder & developer to answer any questions that you might have!
Brandon ElwoodPro@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
@david_west well done!
Andreas Kambanis@andreaskam · Founder of Nibble Apps
Living about 200 metres from some excellent tennis courts in London (Parliament Hill), I've always wanted to get in to playing more tennis. Not knowing any other tennis players, I started seeking out websites/apps that could help me setup games. The options all felt quite slow and out of date, so when my good friend Dave said he was considering building a tennis scoring & player matching app, I was all for it. It's been wonderful to watch this project take shape and reach the App Store. I understand the huge challenges Dave has had to overcome so want to give my congrats for sticking with it! Well done!
David WestMaker@david_west · Product @ Nibble Apps
@andreaskam Thanks Andreas. It's been a pleasure sharing the journey with you & for those who are interested I'll be publishing my learnings in due course. Looking forward to heading down & getting to use those courts very soon! And to meet more of you fellow hunters!
GAURAV GULATI@techtosterone · Founder IRememba, Imagineer, DBA
I like the idea. Been on and off many Tennis scoring apps. None of them engaging or simple enough to keep me tied in. + I hit with mostly players at the Racquet Clubs (esp non-summer time) and hard to have every one the same app as there are already so many people use and throw. Would still have given it a shot if was available for Android. Good luck!
David WestMaker@david_west · Product @ Nibble Apps
@techtosterone Thanks Gaurav for the words of encouragement! I know many people are in the same position as you & we definitely want to be on Android in the near future. Unfortunately, given this was personally funded; there were only so many resources we could throw at the initial release. However I'll make a note to come back to you if we run a successful crowd-funding campaign or are in a position to self-fund another instance on Android. We want to be on Android, it just might take a wee bit of time!
GAURAV GULATI@techtosterone · Founder IRememba, Imagineer, DBA
@david_west no stress! Keep grinding :)
Paul Kemp@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
A handy app for Tennis lovers. A well thought through solution to the problem of connecting likeminded people. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-stars