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Get 💩 done. Browse and hire expert freelancers on Slack!

Get work done. On point, on time.

Scorecards let you instantly outsource tasks to our network of experts through a Slack message. No friction or lengthy sign-ups. You can browse, hire, and work with expert freelancers using only your Slack account.

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Thanks for hunting @chrismessina! Scorecards are public profiles for Gratify experts. You can browse, hire, and even create recurring billing agreements with our top freelancers, all with Slack (and a little web magic). Why’d we create Scorecards? We wanted to... 1. Decrease time-spent looking for quality freelancers 2. Increase the convenience of messaging new freelancers (no annoying sign-up processes) 3. Allow you to easily continue working with freelancers you love Serious question to PH'rs… are you busy, too much? Freelancers are convenient for starting an idea or maintaining a current project. Our team built Gratify from a network of freelancers we met online. I met my co-founder (@ihor_rusi) initially via Slack, and our working relationship served as the inspiration for building Gratify. 💰PH peeps! Get $50 credit toward your first task using code PRODUCTHUNT...see below: You can browse, search, and message our experts (through Slack) via Thanks for checking us out 😎

I've been on Gratify since Dec 2016. I was hired through Gratify and used it to hire freelancers myself.

Gratify really feels different than other marketplaces. You get a private Slack channel to discuss with your client/freelancer after you are matched. The connection is real and you get to develop a stronger relationship based on human interaction.

Everything happens on Slack, so if you are already using Slack you don't need to interrupt your day to track what's happening on your open projects.


I can find top freelancers faster and create better relationships with them. Offloading tasks takes just a couple of minutes.


I'd like to see the Scorecards database grow even more!

Awesome idea, I'll be trying this out for my daily workload
@amplicity I would say Gratify sets the new level of hiring 😉 grab my upvote! We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Gratify at please PM me at for more details.
@amplicity Awesome! See interview questions delivered to your email.
This is a major feature upgrade for Gratify. I've been part of the platform since 2016 as a freelancer first and hiring freelancers later. Scorecard will help bring more visibility to the best freelancers available and will make it easier to create longer lasting relationships with them. Excited to see where this takes Gratify!
@federicojorge Thanks federico!
This seems like a great way to streamline the project offloading process. When things get busy, finding and hiring a pro freelancer will take a fraction of the time. I'll definitely have to check this out!
@lawrence_elliott That's the exact use case we designed for!