Score My Resume helps you write your most successful resume. Our AI-powered scoring engine uses proprietary algorithms, NLP and data science techniques to analyse your resume and identify critical areas of improvement. Unlike any other tool, we give you tailored advice, backed up with detailed explanations and examples. All for free.

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Hello Product Hunt 👋, Excited to launch this on PH today! Thanks to @_jacksmith for hunting :D Score My Resume is your personal resume coach. Upload your resume and our engine uses AI techniques, such as natural language processing, decision trees and hundreds of rules, to parse, analyse, and score several components of your resume, giving you vetted, actionable and most importantly, personalised feedback and suggestions to improve your resume in the form of a full length report. The Story 📖 I launched the first iteration of Resume Worded 6 months ago on Product Hunt ( and got an incredible reception (thanks all!). Unlike all resume-related products out which focus on only the visual elements of resumes/CVs (i.e. templates), the goal for Resume Worded has always been to help people improve the actual content and wording of their resumes. What started off as a database of resume lines, quickly turned into me developing a couple of spin off products to solve my users' needs: Resume Checklist ✅ (, Metrics 🔢 (, and paid resume review services. Score My Resume not only ties everything together but also gives everything you need to write your best ever resume. 💪Key Benefits 💪 - Score 📊 The best part, you get an overall score for your resume, which is based on your resume’s impact, brevity/conciseness, and style. Each thing we check for is scored. You can use this as a great metric to iteratively improve your resume. The high level scores look something like this - each section is broken down into 5+ components each! - Advice vetted by people working at top companies: 👌 I know several people who hire at top companies like Google or McKinsey, and they regularly get terrible resumes that are basically 5+ page essays, use paragraphs and not bullet points, and read like a job description. The reason for this is that there’s so much poor resume advice online. There are even a ton of ‘professional' resume review that charge loads of $$$ for terrible advice. Score My Resume's advice has been curated from people I know who are hiring managers/recruit for the most elite companies and business schools. - Resume line suggestions ☝️ The first iteration of Resume Worded was all about giving you real sample resume lines used by top candidates that you can use as inspiration. I’ve implemented some fancy algorithms which find you lines in our database, so you can actually see what good examples look like. Here’s a screenshot of that part of the report. - Tailored advice focused on your resume’s CONTENT not presentation 🔖 The content is the most important element of your resume, so that’s the focus of the feedback the tool gives you. It’s also tailored to your resume - advice is so much more helpful when it’s given in context to your own resume! Finally, I’d love your feedback 🙏 The product's been built entirely from ground up - it’s by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to build but so so rewarding to launch the first version today. As always, nothing would make me happier than your honest feedback - I add and tweak the product every day and will act quick. Already have a ton in the pipeline that I’ll be releasing in the next few weeks. I’m also constantly improving the algorithms and if for any reason your resume fails to be parsed, email me ( and I’ll get working on it. Thank you! 🙌🙌 Rohan

I only got a 71% score? Wow... hehe - there is some really good feedback here to still improve my CV!

I remember reviewing it with the career services back at uni - it's the same tips and advice that seem to apply universally. This tool is very easy to use and the feedback is comprehensive; it appears to encompass all those important aspects. Great product.


Easy to use, comprehensive


Can't think of any so far

Thank you!
I've been visiting Resume Worded for a long time since it was first hunted here. It helped me to improve my CV so much. Since I'm actively looking for a job now, I'm more than ever visiting the site, highly recommend it! But it's not 2008 why only FB login? Wouldn't LinkedIn be a better option? Well, I think any option would be better than FB but at least give a sign-up option with a mail address for whatever reasons you need to collect data
@thatakke Hey Akke - thanks for your comment! We've actually got Google login now (login with gmail), and I'm looking to add additional methods of login going forward.
Just tried it out, was skeptical that an AI tool can give me feedback on my resume... but it was extremely useful in the end. Got 75 out of 100 and few things pointed out that I actually agree with, so need to revise it a little bit. Would be interesting to see how the overall score grows.
@ivan_podgurskiy Thanks for the feedback!
This is such a fun product to use. I haven't updated my CV in a long time but thought to give it a try. Got a 70% score! The feedback on it made perfect sense and got a lot of tips on how to improve it too. This tool could be incredible for people actively looking to improve their CV.
@cezar_grigore Thanks Cezar!