Score More Baseball

An app to bring the power of Moneyball to your team

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"Whether you play hardball, softball, fastball, fastpitch, slo-pitch, 3-pitch, or any other form of baseball, Score More Baseball accurately scores your games and does all your stat tracking. The app then optimizes your batting order using the same techniques as Moneyball. Your team will enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and score more runs." Mike Kirkup has probably seen it all with startups - he heads up the Velocity Garage program in Waterloo, Ontario which produces some of the highest YC entrants. He joined an equally capable team to produce an app that has shown to produce some awesome results for local baseball teams. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. I'll let Mike chime in on any details!
Fun product. Great timing with many slo-pitch leagues starting soon. I could see this app, if used right, giving teams a nice edge.
Man, I wish could run my fantasy baseball team through this app.