Retouch and edit photos in iOS

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mike*2.0@kanetmike · doVibe App
Looks and sounds interesting enough for me to try it out but what differentiates it from all the other photo editors out there?
Oliver RiceMaker@oliver_rice · Indie Developer at
@kanetmike I know what you mean and it was an issue I was thinking about when I was developing Scope. In the end what I decided to do was improve upon my previous editing apps by including some of the best bits into Scope. I did however change my approach to the creation and use of the filters. Instead of filters that give you a very strong effect, lets say a retro look. The filters in Scope as designed to be much more subtle and adjustable, so they enhance a photo without giving it an artificial look.
mike*2.0@kanetmike · doVibe App
@oliver_rice It looks really good and useful for many Instagramers out there, hope other people will see it the same way. Good luck.
Oliver RiceMaker@oliver_rice · Indie Developer at
@kanetmike Thanks, lets hope so.
Oliver RiceMaker@oliver_rice · Indie Developer at
I would like to introduce Scope, It'm my most recent Photo Editor for IOS. Scope takes the best of my previous Photo Editing applications by combining both powerful photo adjustment tools and over 100 adjustable filters.
Ben Smith@benasmith · Director of Emerging Media
@oliver_rice Just downloaded. Very nice. Congrats!
Oliver RiceMaker@oliver_rice · Indie Developer at
@benasmith Thanks