Electric scooter/skateboard hybrid

Scooterboard is a hybrid of electric scooter and skateboard, and it is unique because you don't need to be an expert in board sports to carve like a pro. The experience feels like riding a skateboard, but with so much more stability and control. Grown adults and kids alike can learn to ride in just one quick session.

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When I worked in downtown SD, I didn't need to drive. I just ride Scooterboard directly from my apartment to office, and my son love to ride with me in weekend. It's a common toy for us in some sense, finally I can hang out with him.


It's a good choice for the last mile transportation, and it has lot of fun riding having a feeling of skateboarding


Need a more mileage version.

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As someone who grew up around skateboarding and surfing, I was always afraid of getting hurt while learning board sport. However, Scooterboard was so easy to learn that I was carving within minutes!


- Portable

- Carve like a skateboard with the confidence of riding a scooter

- Easy to learn


- Handle only faces one way

I like the 2 wheels up front, 1 in the back formation. Should make for a very stable and comfortable ride. Would love to try this out.
@kristofertm Yeah, especially the feeling of steering, lots of fun
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@kristofertm Great job on this concept. Mind if we review one on We have a large audience who would be interested in purchasing.
Great job!! An old concept but how will you revolutionise it and bring it more futuristic?
@ayush_chandra Haha, the concept is relatively old, and I guess it will look more futuristic if the wheels and body are much bigger than now.
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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your interest in Scooterboard! What we're trying to do here at InMotion is make electric transportation mainstream by creating affordable and accessible electric personal vehicles. Why pay for gas, parking, AND car payments all the while waiting in traffic and contributing to carbon emissions... when you can have fun and free your commute from all these worries? Scooterboard appeals to a wide audience due to its maneuverability and safety features. From kids to adults, from board sport newbies to skateboarding experts, everyone who has tried the Scooterboard has given us extremely positive feedback, providing us the confidence to push forward in our mission. We'd like to invite the Product Hunt community to try out Scooterboard, so we are offering a $150 discount for PH members through the end of this month! Just use the promo code PH150 (expires February 28, 11:59PM) when you check out and we'll ship within a day!
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@roewz I love your company mission. I’ve been interested in what will be the future of personal, clean, urban transportation since I tried a friends eboard and have been wondering what product will make it accessible to the masses both in form, and culturally! As a potential customer I’d like to see some hill test videos of the scooter board (to be sure I can power over Manhattan Bridge on my Brooklyn>Midtown commute, but couldn’t find any. Do you have any? Thanks!
@roowilliams we don't currently have many hill test videos, but that's an excellent idea for future content, so thank you for that! Just for those who interested in specs, Scooterboard can climb up 14% grade hills.