Scooter Map

One app to find and unlock scooters

Stop juggling multiple apps. Find scooters near you from Bird, Lime, and more.
Unlock scooters from directly inside Scooter Map, no need to download every new hot unicorn scooter company. We do all the hard work for you. 🤗
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10 Reviews5.0/5
Victor was one of the earliest people in the scooter industry, first building Scooter Maps as a charger's best friend, highlighting ready to be charged scooters from every company instead of just one. He's since opened up the app to consumers, helping everybody rent and ride scooters from every company in one app. No more downloading a billion apps 🛴
I've been using ScooterMap since it was in beta in 2018. Victor knows the micromobility space better than anyone. Excited to see where the product goes from here!
Hey PH! I’m Victor the founder of Scooter Map. There are more and more scooter companies every day. Which is awesome, but also sort of annoying… You have to download a bajillion apps and then check all of them to find scooters. Scooter Map gives you one place to find and ride scooters. Find the closest scooter, no matter what company, and unlock it in Scooter Map. It’s… one app to rule them all! We are starting with Bird and Lime and are quickly adding more companies. What do you think? What do you want to see in Scooter Map?
@viccypont I literally have 3 scooter apps installed so I am totally your guy for an app like this. Are you using an undocumented API or something? If not: thats great, because it would really suck if they revoked you access or simil. later on Gonna give this a try!
Love this idea! I know you have a subscription service that helps chargers make more money. Do you need a subscription to use the new riding feature, or is it free?

I live in a big city and am constantly taking scooters and jump bikes


This is a great idea well-executed


I’d love to be able to do more with the app—ultimately, I don’t ever want to need any of the individual scooter apps again.