Scoot Networks

Electric scooter rentals for $2 one-way to anywhere in SF

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We're honored to be on Product Hunt, thanks for hunting us @joshmuccio! We are offering the promo code you mentioned, PRODUCTHUNT for a free extra ride, valid until 7/1. The vision for Scoot Networks is to change the way people get around cities. Electric scooters in San Francisco are the first step. We are building a network of scoots to help people commute to work, attend school, run errands, visit new neighborhoods, or just hang out with friends. Scooting is fun, especially when you look at alternatives. We get you to your destination faster than the bus or a bicycle, all for $2 per half hour. You don't need a motorcycle license, we teach you to scoot based on your experience. Helmets are provided, 2 sizes on every scoot. Top speed is 30 mph, range is 25 miles. Most scoot rides are one way, and we have tons of charging locations where the scoots can park and charge. Try out Scoot today and let us know what you think!
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@mbkeating wow do you need any license to ride it?
Found out about Scoot in San Fransisco and was surprised to find that they hadn't been hunted yet! I'd dare say this qualifies as alternative transport and at $2 bucks a ride, I can't wait to see this expand to new markets. The scooters are all electric and have a 25 mile range. They just pushed out a coupon code for Product Hunters 👍 use "PRODUCTHUNT" to get an extra ride for free. @mbkeating what's the vision behind Scoot Networks? Why scooters instead of another form of transport?
After 1.5 years as an avid rider, I just joined Team Scoot in April. Getting around SF on a scoot is seriously the most fun you'll have commuting, visiting friends, or just plain taking a joyride. The fact that it's cheap is just an added bonus. The convenience of so many locations also makes it worthwhile for lots of trip types, you're not limited to one destination, or to a round trip.
I signed up for Scoot last week and have been pretty actively using it. For the price of muni, I can commute almost door-to-door, uninterrupted. In addition, a bunch of us from the office will hop on scoots for a spontaneous coffee break.
@philipithomas thanks for joining Scoot! Sounds like you're off to a great start. We're so glad you're loving it.
My buddy @joeyabanks works here!