Aggregator app for Uber, Taxiforsure & Olacabs

Heck! This is godsent!
Hmm, this might make for a tough branding situation...
That's great idea but why does it aggregate Uber with two services I never heard of. Why not Lyft, Hailo, Sidecar? Also:
@grzaks This aggregator is for India (probably should say that in the description) which is why you've never heard of Olacabs Lyft, Sidecar and Hailo are not in India as far as I know. Taxiforsure (which I hunted a couple weeks ago, hopefully will show up soon), is also an aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India,but one that doesn't appear to include Uber or Olacabs.
Interesting idea with India-based rideshare aggregation. There's a similar service in the US called Ridescout* that was hunted a while back that aggregates rideshare/bikeshare as well as other modes of transportation. * =