Scoop Markets

Market moving news, before it breaks πŸ“ˆ

Our algorithm analyses thousands of tweets every second to identify breaking news, before it breaks - allowing you to trade the news, before it's news.

For stock and cryptocurrency traders.

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The registration page has a bug where you can't hit "Next" on iOS
@matthewood Thanks for letting us know - will look into it now. Out of interest, have you completed every field and checked every checkbox?
This is a really interesting project, @jamesmcminn. Please tell us more about it. What kind of traders did you have in mind for this? Is it a competitor to Bloomberg terminals?
@jamesmcminn @abadesi Hi there, I'm also a founder of Scoop. We pitch ourselves as "Dataminr, for retail traders". We are currently in beta and are moving slowly towards becoming a tool for cryptocurrency trading. Let me know if you have any other questions!
So is this a replacement for StockTwits?
@mlsj1 One can dream! We try to add features on top of what StockTwits offer (e.g. noise removal, desktop alerts etc) with many more features coming over the next month. As much as Stocktwits is incredibly useful, it isn't a dashboard that you can run in the background and wait for updates while you trade - that's where we step in. We are trying to becoming the Bloomberg terminal for retail crypto traders.
Massive update to the dashboard has just been uploaded - hope you like it!
We are now out of "beta" : )