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#1 Product of the DayDecember 31, 2016
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Hello All, Having seen a mass traction of around 15 thousand peers connecting on the platform over referrals, just in the past 2 weeks, We decided it to be the best time to push #Scooby live on ProductHunt to make our product more awesome upon reviews and create a better together community. Scooby works as a peer to peer referral platform. 20-22% of the world's economy runs through referrals, be it in home-buying, automobiles and all sorta products humans use, both online and offline but is highly disorganised and fragmented right now. Say for instance #1 You buy a car and your vendor says refer a buddy to buy a car and get some $300, which we often miss out as not certain about the people in our circle. Scooby comes at this place, where you post the referral offer and share the benefits with those who use it and end up making new friends. Gone is the time where people used to check with friends for referrals. Scooby let's you make new friends through referrals. Thanks @kwdinc for the hunt :)
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While we launched a week ago, the traffic surged and the server crashed into in just two hours proving product hunt a dope. Special thanks to @producthunt for welcoming us again. As a payback to the #PH community, #Scooby gifts an awesome spectacle by Snapchat for the user with most unique product referral posts. This is real.
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@tweetyunus I’m logged in, but I’m not seeing my posts in the My Posts section.
@andrewmeyers Just for the beginning we had a checkmate algorithm to review the post and release to avoid randos. Now all posts are live instantly and your 4 posts are out there. You are currently on 5th in the race. Happy Scoobying!
Is it mainly for b2c or would b2b companies benefit as well?
@menimor Works well for B2C. On a B2B scale, the trick shall work for business products targeting startups.
@tweetyunus cool, I'll take a look. Thanks!
The concept has potential, well done!
Hi, I can't find how it work for the people who wants to share a referal? Where are the conditions ?
@_pascalandy You can find it right there in the 'How it works' card. If online ref, need to just post the code with title & desc whereas in In-store, mention the reward for the user and chat to connect :) Here goes the link