Scimoji: Women of Science

Celebrate women in science with this emoji app, by GE

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Vivian Rosenthal
Founder, Snaps
Hi Product Hunt! I’m Vivian, founder of Snaps ( As a woman in technology, I’m so excited for Scimoji: Women of Science GE selected us to work together and their media partner VaynerMedia as part of their efforts to celebrate women in science and Balance the Equation - bridging the STEM gender gap We wanted to highlight female scientists that the average person wouldn’t necessarily know - creating a world where women who do great world-changing work are treated like stars. Love to hear from fellow women in tech about who inspired you and if there are any other women scientists you’d like to see featured Thanks for checking it out!
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Naomi Assaraf 🔥
Founder, Golden Kitty Maker Nominee! 🎉
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