Kosmos School offers a growing library of engaging science simulations for the Oculus Go. Our simulations are NGSS aligned, and work great for teachers and students, either in the classroom or at home.
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Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm one of the creators of Science Simulations. Our goal is to help teachers teach science better by offering a growing library of science simulations for physics, chemistry, and biology - to be used in the classroom or at home. Think of us as PhET simulations in VR. *Highlights* - Run experiments and simulations to teach and learn science - Automatically generates data and charts for analysis - NGSS aligned, perfect for your classroom or at home You can download it from the Oculus Go store. Unfortunately, we are currently in "keys only" mode, meaning that you to enter one of our keys to see the app in the store. While unclear why, we think it's because our library is currently to narrow for Oculus to make it available 100% publicly. I would love for you to give a try and let me know what you think. Send me an email at can@kosmosschool.com and I'll send you a key to download. Here's the list of our current and planned simulations: - Gravity and Air Resistance (available, free) - Newton's Laws of Motion (coming soon) - Newton's Law of Gravitation (coming soon) - Centripetal Force (coming soon) - Work and Energy (coming soon) - Conservation of Energy (coming soon) Looking forward to your feedback
The landing page is a bit miss leading, I put my email to get access and then I got an email that no access yet... it looks cool though
@erin_ben just got your email and you're right, we need to update that automated email from before launch. Going to do that now and send you an access code. Thanks!
@canolcer thanks! it looks really cool, please send me the access code - I was involved with lots of science educational projects so may want to send to other people as well
@erin_ben Done. Awesome! Let me know if you need more access codes to distribute to other people, we have plenty :-)