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Indrek Mossov
Co-Founder, CTO at Guaana
Hi hunters, We have great news for the science community - Similar to the widely popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) format we are building a library of Ask Me More (AMM) sessions for scientists. These Q&A sessions are a bit different because they are based on video recordings of scientific presentations, and questions focus on the material that was presented. Science begins by asking questions and then seeking answers. The aim of our format is to push these presenters further in their research with novel inquiries from a wider expertise and audience. So if there is a scientific presentation that left you wanting to ask more, then let us know and we'll make it happen when possible. (sry, Theranos not included). Our next AMM session is tomorrow (28th of September) and is based on "How to Make Intelligent Robots That Understand the World" by neuroscientist Danko Nikolic. "There is always going to be more data than we can process. If we want to move towards building a true AI we need to focus on intelligent learning rules instead " Go and challenge his claim! Our team and I look forward to your feedback. Happy hunting!
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