Scibler smart scheduler

You don't need a personal assistant to manage ur appointment

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Hey Hunters! Scibler Smart Scheduler uses powerful AI technology to discover meeting requests in your email and automatically prepare responses based on your availability and scheduling preferences. Scibler lets you quickly preview and modify the responses before sending them out. We have tried to imagine Scibler as the fastest way to keep track of and respond to meeting requests in your email. As it was impossible to divorce the calendar from scheduling, we built out a full-function calendar app, that uses natural language understanding technology to pull-in meeting requests and confirmations from your email into your day's agenda. It is how we think the future of calendaring apps should be. We would love to hear what you think of such a form factor for a scheduling assistant!
I've been using Scibler for some time now, and I've found it to be an indispensable tool to help deal with the flood of email and various meeting and follow-up requests we all face every day. Scibler's natural language processing has done a great job of catching things that I would have missed myself. I've really started to think about it as an assistant--it's there to help me without getting in the way.
@adamtalcott thanks for the encouraging words! Building an indispensable scheduling tool is indeed the dream we pursue at @sciblerapp!
I wish I could have an AI tool where I could say "I need 8 hours to finish X" and it would go reserve the available time during my work day and block it out". Depending on the activity you say, it would know whether to do pockets of 2 hr slots etc.
@geoff_rothman A very interesting and doable idea -- did you ever try the time timeful app (now acquired by Google)?
@geoff_rothman Also, one little feature we already have is you can add a new event by simply typing "Work on X for 8 hours" -- the scheduler automatically treats these times as busy after that.
Oh how I wish we didn't use outlook at work.. :-/
@afhill we are working hard to bring @sciblerapp to outlook!
Is this just for gmail or other email options?
@gregg_katz so far only gmail but other emails options coming soon.