Easiest and most user friendly school management system

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Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
I happen to know the makers (@palash76 join the conversation). They're solving a very specific set of problems for school management, from k12 to college. If you happen to know anyone in the industry it's worth pointing them to the product. As for the team customer dedication is second to none.
Palash Bagchi
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
Hi Roman, indeed - SchoolTime is attempting to break the jinx of unusable enterprise SIS software, by creating a simple to use SaaS application. Usability is at the core premises of this application.
Dan Brooks
Dan Brooks@ramtorn · Pro at
@palash76 can you describe a typical usecase for your product?
Mark Espinola
Mark Espinola@mespi · Founder, Gradehub
Not sure how you support the accuracy and timeliness​ of state reporting, which is an important component of SIS in US K-12.
Palash Bagchi
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
@mespi Hi Mark, SchoolTime has been designed for global acceptance and usage. However, we do realise that reporting remains country specific. All the relevant data is already available in the application, it is a matter of running an SQL command to fetch necessary data and represent it in desired format. We are keen to create the standards for US state and district reporting, which will happen soon.
Steve@refreshmyjawn · Stay at home dad 👍
I'm a high school counselor in Philadelphia. I have a million questions, as well as some thoughts, should you be interested in hearing more from an educator.
Palash Bagchi
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
@refreshmyjawn Hi Steve, I am more than delighted to connect with educators who are also interested in exploring smart technology solutions. We have been interacting with educators from different countries to understand their needs and expectations of technology enablement in schools. I can be contacted at Lets start the conversation.