A Simple and effective scholarship matching platform

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We put in a lot of hard work to create this product and we continue to improve daily. Please download and subscribe on Google playstore and on App Store. Thanks
@bola_w_lawal What would you say differentiates you from other scholarship matching platforms? and What does the business model of this sort of platform look like?
@freddieo @bola_w_lawal was amazed when I heard Nigeria students in the video. Is nice to finally see technologies helping Nigeria students grow better. Keep it up
@freddieo target market. There's nothing out there that focuses on Nigeria or Africa in general. Studying in their home country or abroad. Also disparity in number of available scholarships. There are less than 400 verified scholarships for students studying in Nigeria,compared to 2m in the us. Nigeria has a population of 172m people. Our model is mass appeal. Even if we just hit 1% that's outstanding. Our fee is very fair. $2 equivalent. We are a social service so first priority is helping students.