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With ScholarMe, students can apply for tonnes of scholarships that all ask the same questions!

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Evan Farrell
Evan FarrellMaker@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
Yo PH! We created ScholarMe after realizing that tonnes of scholarships all ask the same questions! Questions like: "Why do you deserve to win this scholarship?" and "What are you life goals?" are SO common, that we decided to aggregate them together, and automate your applications to all of them — all you have to do is write your essay. Now, we're focused on helping students get the cheapest money for college. In addition to scholarships, we're building tools to help them get the most government aid, and are currently helping students compare private loans so they can get the best rate possible. Excited to see your feedback 😏
Rami M. Amin
Rami M. Amin@rmtux · Not a Growth Hacker
Like @ScholarMeApp! This is a smart tool for #scholarship seekers! Do you think it will help me get a PhD scholarship at 36?
Evan Farrell
Evan FarrellMaker@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
@rmtux we don't have PhD scholarships ... yet! Hopefully soon.
Rami M. Amin
Rami M. Amin@rmtux · Not a Growth Hacker
@evan_farrell All the best with ScholarMe! I like the design and will give it a try and share ideas.
John32@nefilim_nef · Scamfighter
Having writer's block? Can't get started? Use to generate ideas for your future essay.
Djam Poet
Djam Poet@anthony29
What's the difference between ScholarMe and GoingMerry ( Similar concept but they seem to have much more scholarships to apply for than ScholarMe.
Emma Brown
Emma Brown@emma_brown1
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