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#4 Product of the DayOctober 27, 2017

Scholarly is a platform for students for find and apply for scholarships, all without leaving the site.

Simply fill out your profile, select a scholarship, complete the in-site application form, and click submit. Your applications are send directly to the donors.


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Evan Farrell
Evan FarrellMaker@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
Yoyo PH peeps! My name's Evan. I'm a software engineering student from Canada. Applying for scholarships in high school was incredibly tough, especially with all the ridiculous application formats that donors would want (I've seen everything from physical mail to FAXING). We decided to unify the process by letting students apply with an in-site form, which then gets sent directly to the donor by us in their preferred manor. 🔥💸We're offering a $100 1-Day Product Hunt exclusive scholarship 💸🔥 All you need to do is write 280 characters on your fav PH post! Looking forward to reading some apps 👀
Stephen@stephenalan · PM | USPTO
very cool approach to the Team page. Now make them clickable or hoverable with a detail or two about each. I'd also like to see a list of potential scholarships that I would be applying to, especially for subscribers. Thx!
Evan Farrell
Evan FarrellMaker@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
@stephenalan Good feedback for the team page (I added a task to our feature-request board) As for a list of scholarships that you would be applying to, is this different than what's in the 'home' tab?
Stephen@stephenalan · PM | USPTO
@evan_farrell Perhaps? I see the 4 on the home tab, but I wasn't sure if this represented all scholarships available via your site - it's not totally clear. Is that the case?
Steven Rueter
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
This is rad, too bad I’m out of school, though. Reminds me of that Shark Tank app Scholly.
Evan Farrell
Evan FarrellMaker@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
@rueter psssst! you can still apply for our 1 day product hunt scholarship (you don't need to be a student), the money can go to anything that's arguably-educational
João de Almeida
João de Almeida@jalmeida · Software Engineer
Hey, whats the difference between your product and ? Just curious :)
Evan Farrell
Evan FarrellMaker@evan_farrell · Tech @ ScholarMe
@jalmeida Yo! Scholly matches students with scholarships, but they simply provide links to the scholarships, and force the student to do the rest. (This can include writing on top of application PDFs, hand writing essays, and mailing documents) We take students through the entire application process. When you're matched with an award, you can apply directly through our site by filling out an in-site form, that's it.
Adam Lieb
Adam Lieb@adamslieb · Founder/CEO @ Innervate
Cool idea. Why charge the students? I'm apart of a non-profit that provides a scholarship to disadvantaged high school students. We are always looking for ways to increase the application flow, but I'd be pretty against listing the scholarship anywhere that was charging the students just to apply. Maybe you can help explain the rationale?
Alphonso Morris
Alphonso Morris@youngfonz · Sr. Visual Designer
@adamslieb i said the same thing🤔